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Lunch Ladies Worried Santa Won't Bring Them Johnny Depp Collector Mugs They Asked For

The Lunch Ladies have had a fantastic year. Bribing, Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Murder, a few film fests... everything has been so wonderful they almost forgot actions have consequences.

Seretta, wringing her hands, said: "We've been naughty and we're highly concerned that Santa won't bring us that set of Franklin Mint Johnny Depp Collector Mugs we've had our eyes on all year. I hope to Satan he forgives us, we need those collector mugs."

LouAnne nodded: "Six collector mugs designed by "Painter Of Light" Thomas Kinkade: one Captain Jack Sparrow, one Edward Scissorhands, one Cry-Baby, one Willy Wonka, one Rango and one 21 Jump Street. We've been naughty and we're losing sleep over the fact we may not get those mugs."

When asked for comment, Clarissa Jacobson, the writer/producer of the film had this to say:

"Stop whinging! Bribing, Lying, Cheating, Stealing and Murder got you two ingrates tons of gigs and awards this year not to mention killer reviews... forget the Johnny Depp mugs, it was all worth it!"

Lunch Ladies

Lunch Ladies plays on Friday, December 29 at 7PM in Marietta, Ohio with She Was So Pretty and Compulsion.

2018 Dates:

Flickerfest - Australia - Jan. 8 - 8:45PM

Clermont-Ferrand International Fest - February 2 Opening Night and February 3 -10 in the Retrospective - DINNER IS SERVED!

Mammoth Film Fest - Feb. 9 - 8:30PM

Austin Revolution - Sept. 2018

Artwork by Hallie Brown

PS. The Lunch Ladies plan to keep up their bad behavior.

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