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Lunch Ladies Annoy Everyone With Happy Dance After Six Noms From FilmQuest And Nom From HorrorHound

FilmQuest HorrorHound Weekend

The Lunch Ladies have been nominated for six awards* at FilmQuest and Best Short at HorrorHound Weekend confirming reports that they are annoying people across the world by engaging in an obnoxious happy dance:

Said Seretta, jitterbugging over to the fridge to grab a Colt 45 to quench her thirst from shaking a tail feather: "We can dance if we want to we can leave our friends behind, if our friends don't like it we don't care because we got noms, noms, NOMS!"

LouAnne, perfecting her jazz hands, breathlessly snapped: "Shut up 'Rett, I'm trying to count! One two three, one two three, foot ball change, we got seven noms, we are flipping happy, dance, dance, dance... thanks FilmQuest and HorrorHound for the noms! "

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen at FilmQuest and HorrorHound can be found here!

*FilmQuest nominated the Ladies for Best Comedy Short, Best Director for JM Logan, Best Screenplay for Clarissa Jacobson, Best Cinematography for Chris Ekstein, Best Supporting Actress for Mary Manofsky and Best Score for Antoni M. March. The Lunch Ladies of course take credit for all nominations.


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