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Lunch Ladies Behind Natural Disasters -Writer/Producer Jacobson Warns Film Fests To Be Wary

Lunch Ladies

When writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson dared to delve into the reason so many natural disasters are happening in tandem with film fests she's attending, she discovered something shocking: The Lunch Ladies are behind them. Earthquakes, mudslides, terrible weather... at Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest in France there was blinding snow, causing the airport to experience massive delays and Jacobson to have a staggering 36 hour traveling experience after missing connections. The Director JM Logan enjoyed a 24 hour experience. In a selfless display of responsibility, goody two shoes Jacobson has been warning film programmers to consider carefully whether to risk letting the Lunch Ladies into their fests. The ladies are not happy: Said Seretta: “Jacobson is full of BS! Just because we commit a little murder, she wants to blame stuff on us. Don’t you think If we could control the weather the first thing we’d do is typhoon her apartment?” LouAnne, rolling her eyes, concurred: “Jacobson saying we’re responsible for the weather is like saying global warming exists. Everyone knows that’s a fallacy.” The following fests/conventions have thrown caution to the wind and are daring to program the Lunch Ladies: Imagine Film Fest - Amsterdam

Monsterpalooza - Pasadena, California

Hexpolitation Film Fest - Hamilton, ONT Canada

20minmax International Short Film Fest- Ingolstadt, Germany Artemis Women In Action Fest - Santa Monica, California



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